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Short (informal) bio

I am Assistant Professor (RTDB) of Economics at the Department of Social and Economic Science of the Sapienza University of Rome. I hold a Ph.D. in Economics, and carried out research activities at Italy’s Ministry of the Economy and Finance (MEF: Directorate I – Economic and Financial Analysis) and at the European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC). My research interests mainly focus on environmental macroeconomics, fiscal policy, and macroeconomic modeling for policy analysis.

In 2017 I pursued the Italian Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (ASN; National Scientific Qualification) as Associate Professor in Politica Economica (Economic Policy; Settore Concorsuale 13/A2) and Scienza delle Finanze (Economics of the Public Sector; Settore Concorsuale 13/A3) from the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

I worked for the European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra (Italy), where I manage, update and estimate the Global Multi-country Model (GM) for Euro-Area countries.

I used to work for Sogei SpA (Italy’s Ministry of the Economy and Finance, MEF: Directorate I – Economic and Financial Analysis) where I managed and updated the Italian version of QUEST III with R&D that is one of the latest versions of the class of Dynamic General Equilibrium (DGE) models developed by the European Commission for simulation analysis.

Moreover, I worked for the development of a new DGE for the Italian economy (IGEM, Italian General Equilibrium Model) and the construction of GEEM (General Equilibrium Environmental Model), a large-scale DGE model for policy analysis including climate-energy variables.

More recently, I have embraced a new branch of research around firm's network formation through the use of small-scale partial equilibrium models.

I got a degree in Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome where I also attended post-graduate studies gaining a PhD in Economics in May 2007.

I worked as a teaching assistant at LUISS University in Rome for one year; then, I was a lecturer at Tuscia University of Viterbo where I taught Economic Policy and Econometrics for four years (2007-2010). 

I also worked as a consultant for several national research institutes and institutions within the Italian Government (Commissione Tecnica per la Finanza Pubblica - Segreteria Tecnica).


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